Justin Hoagland has been a police officer for 16 years and has been assigned to the Training Unit for nearly two years.  Sergeant Hoagland was promoted to the rank of Sergeant 6 years ago and previously supervised the Domestic Violence Unit, Special Response Team, district tactical team, and different patrol shifts.  As an Officer, Sergeant Hoagland was assigned to the Homicide Unit, Street Violence Investigations, and district level tactical teams.  In addition to his primary assignments as an officer, Sergeant Hoagland was assigned as an operator to the departments SWAT team prior to his promotion. Sergeant Hoagland was just recently re-assigned back to the SWAT team as a Team Leader, responsible for the sniper element.  Sergeant Hoagland’s duties at the Regional Training Center include supervising the Instructor Cadre, developing, and creating class content, courses, and schedules, and also assists as an instructor in tactics, investigations, and firearms courses.