Officer Arsitio has been in law enforcement for over 25 years with over 20 years with the Fresno Police Department.  Officer Arsitio has an extensive and diverse background of prior assignments including undercover narcotics, tactical teams, detectives, and Mobile Field Force which is our agencies response unit to crowd control.  Officer Arsitio has spent much of his career assigned within the Traffic Division where he served as a motor officer, commercial vehicle inspector, and collision investigation unit.  Officer Arsitio’s classroom is our EVOC and driving track; complete with a skid pan, PIT area and 22-degree banking turn as he is the lead instructor for all our vehicle related classes.  He is the lead instructor on our advanced skills/PSP EVOC course, PIT, and pursuit training just to name a few. Officer Arsitio is also responsible for maintaining our fleet of emergency and P.I.T. vehicles used on a weekly basis at the RTC.