Officer James Beebe has over 31 years of experience in law enforcement and just celebrated his 25th year with the Fresno Police Department.  Prior to being selected for assignment to the Training Unit as an Instructor, Officer Beebe was assigned to the Motor Unit for 18 yrs where he served in nearly every specialty assignment within the Traffic Bureau.  This included the Collision Reconstruction Unit (CRU), Hit and Run Investigations, DUI Enforcement, and Motor Training Officer. Prior to his appointment to the Police Department, Officer Beebe was an Emergency Medical Technician and recognizing the value of knowledge in emergency medical care, he maintained his EMT certification throughout his career.  In addition to his full-time assignment to the Training Unit, Officer Beebe is the lead advisor for the Fresno Police Department’s award-winning Explorer Program, which he volunteers his own time to participate in.  Officer Beebe is our lead instructor for advanced skills in 1st Aid/CPR, and co-instructs all classes related to vehicle operations.  When not in a classroom instructing these disciplines, you can find Officer Beebe out on our advanced skills driving track or maintaining our fleet of emergency and P.I.T. vehicles used on a weekly basis at the RTC.