​FPD Training Request Form Instructions

A Training Request Form (TRF) must be completed when a Department member requests to attend training on-duty, whether or not there is a cost for tuition or other expenses. This form allows the member to formally request training and receive approval from their chain of command for the related expenses and training time. (If the member chooses to attend training on an off-duty status, and is not requesting the Department pay for any expenses, no TRF is required. However, when no TRF is completed, the member should notify the Training Bureau of the completed training so their individual training record can be updated.)

TRF’s must have proper signatures when received by the Training Bureau. The TRF must be signed by the member’s chain of command, including the Division Commander. The Division Commander’s office will then forward the TRF to the Training Bureau for processing.

The Training Bureau will ensure the member is enrolled in the requested class, hotel and travel arrangements are made when necessary, and proper notification to the Duty Office is made, when required.

All TRF’s require a course flyer or announcement be submitted with the TRF. This is required by the City of Fresno Finance Department.

Cost Analysis

Costs for training should be entered as accurately as possible, with the understanding that some of the calculations will be approximate (hotels, travel reimbursement, etc.). Use the reimbursement rates listed in the columns and enter the total at the bottom of the column. Subtract the POST reimbursement total (if there is one) from the Actual Cost total to figure the Total Net Cost.

POST Plan Descriptions

As of June 1, 2017, POST Plans I-IV reimbursements have been suspended thru December 31, 2017. See POST’s Bulletin No. 2017-23 for further information.

Plan ISubstinenceTravelTuition
Plan IISubstinenceTravel
Plan IIISubstinenceTravelTuition
Plan IVSubstinenceTravel
Plan N/ATraining credit only – no reimbursement

Fund/Org Numbers

Fund and Org numbers need to be entered accurately so training expenses are charged to the appropriate account. Members who are requesting training and are unsure of the proper Fund/Org numbers should leave this blank and allow a staff member to enter the correct number. This number is extremely important when the requested training is grant funded. Grant funded training requires a review and signature from the appropriate grant manager prior to the TRF’s arrival in the Training Bureau.

Division Commanders (or anyone signing in their place) should verify that the proper Fund/Org numbers are listed on the TRF and check the box in their signature line. This is to ensure the accurate deduction of training costs from the proper account.

Travel Arrangements

Only Department-owned vehicles are authorized for travel for out of town training, conferences, etc. Department gas cards may be issued for use in Department vehicles only. Use of privately owned vehicles is authorized only for employees who receive City approved transportation allowance and/or mileage reimbursement, per City Administrative Order #2-2.

General Training Approval

The Training Bureau does not “approve” training, nor do they approve training time. This approval comes from the requesting member’s chain of command. The Training Bureau simply processes the approved requests it receives, handles enrollment and tuition, makes hotel and travel arrangements when necessary, and completes notifications to students and supervisors. The Training Bureau is not responsible for approving or denying a department member’s training.

Training requests submitted for approval less than 30 days prior to the date of the training may be denied by the member’s Division Commander.

Training Requests