Officer Marc Anderson is a 21-year veteran of the Fresno Police Department and was recently selected for the Training Unit after serving over 16 years on the K9 team.  Officer Anderson voluntarily remained on the midnight shift during his K9 career out of care and concern for officer safety recognizing that many probationary officers find themselves on a less desirable shift.  Officer Anderson is a well-respected K9 handler and operator assigned to the SWAT team, who took every opportunity to share his knowledge and experience with younger officers.  So, it was a smooth transition to bring Officer Anderson to the Training Unit who has hit the ground running as an Instructor.  Officer Anderson is currently a co-lead instructor for the departments newest force option tool; Pepper Ball, as well as co-lead instructor for firearms in our advanced officer skills program (PSP).  Officer Anderson is recently retired from the departments collateral SWAT team, after honorable serving over 15 years as an operator.