Officer Ron Flores is a 23-year veteran of the Fresno Police Department that has spent his career assigned to elite tactical units.  In addition to being assigned as a Patrol Officer and District tactical team member early in his career, Officer Flores also was part of the Street Violence Tactical Team and the K9 Unit for several years.  Officer Flores has been assigned to the Training Unit for two and a half years and has been instrumental in assisting with the creation of several new classes.  This includes a course that Officer Flores has created from the ground that focuses on Tactical Redeployment and De-Escalation which is anticipated to be available in the coming quarter.  Officer Flores is the lead instructor for our advanced officer skills program (PSP) firearms training and holds over 15 POST Instructor certifications.  In addition to his normal duties at the Training Unit, Officer Flores is currently serving on the departments SWAT team as an Assistant Team Leader as a sniper for over 15 years.