Officer Jason Serrano is a seasoned veteran of some of the most esteemed units of the Fresno Police Department. Officer Serrano has been in law enforcement for 27 years and has just recently been assigned to the Regional Training Center. Officer Serrano has extensive experience in both investigations and tactical operations. In addition to serving in patrol assigned to every district within the city of Fresno for several years, Officer Serrano has been previously assigned to the agencies Career Burglar Apprehension Team, Auto Theft Team (CCAT), and the Violent Crime Suppression Unit. Officer Serrano also holds a Commercial Rotorcraft rating and pilots license, as he was previously assigned to the Air Support Unit serving as both a Tactical Flight Officer (TFO) and as a Command Pilot during his tenure with the unit. In addition to his prior experience, Officer Serrano has been assigned to the departments SWAT team since 1996, where he currently serves as an assistant Team Leader. Officer Serrano is a certified rangemaster and primarily instructs a variety of our firearms courses to include our 3-day CA POST approved Striker Fired Transition course.