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“Critical Incident Response for Field Officers” is an 8 hour course designed to provide first responding law enforcement officers with a fundamental plan that can be applied to a wide variety of critical events.
This course is designed to give all responding personnel, regardless of their rank or agency, the ability to work together during large-scale emergency events. Students will be introduced to a “4-step critical incident response plan” that has been successfully implemented in hundreds of criminal, man-made and natural disasters throughout the United States. The course examines the most common failures in critical incident response and provides a proven methodology to quickly stabilize and organize these events.
This class is POST Certified: 7290-24201-12-008
Tuition is $89.00
Location: Fresno Police Department’s Regional Training Center
6375 West Central Ave, Fresno Ca 93706
Dates: 04/07/2014
The Course Will Cover:
Role of the Field Leader
Common Points to all Critical Incidents
Department Initiated v. Suspect Initiated Events
Advantages of the Suspect v. Responding Officers
Mutual Aid Issues and Problems
Evacuation v. Rescue
Role of the Fire Department
Active Shooter Incidents
Mass Casualty Incidents
Hazmat Response
Terrorism Response Issues
The Four-Step Critical Incident Response Plan
Use of a Critical Incident Checklist
Use of the Incident Command System – ICS/NIMS
Unified Command Issues
The students will participate in a series of scenario driven exercises, designed to demonstrate the management of various critical incidents or disasters that could affect your jurisdiction
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Critical Incident Response

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