BATI: Interview for Investigators an First Responders

Interviewing for Investigators & First Responders
6375 West Central, Fresno, CA 93706 $138/student
CA POST Plan NA Certification 9590-31434-12
February 21, 2013 – 0730-1700 hrs

• Developing Rapport Quickly
• Securing an Uncontaminated Statement
• Conducting a Proper Follow-up Interview
• Detecting Deception though Physical and Verbal Behaviors
• Credibility Assessment Interview
• Introduction to the Cognitive Interview Technique

This course is for anyone that is responsible for the initial or follow-up interview in any kind of an investigation. It teaches the methodology of securing a proper statement from victims, witnesses and suspects that will assist in successful case resolution. Regardless if your interviews are in person, over the telephone, or in reviewing recorded statements: this training is for you! It incorporates concepts of information retrieval that are conducted in a legal, professional, and ethical manner.

Attendees will learn to identify and analyze the behaviors of both the innocent and the deceptive. You will learn about both a subject’s physical behaviors and their verbal as well.  The words that people use can be extremely important and can often reveal true feelings and relationships between the subject and other people or things within their statement.
Contact:  Behavior Analysis Training Inst.

Please make your reservation with BATI no later than Feb. 8 2013. You will be contacted by the B.A.T.I. reservation to secure your seat in the class and process your registration.

Behavior Analysis Training Inst. PO Box 514 Santa Rosa, CA